by Alex Balanko

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Alex Balanko's aptly-named third album dives into a collection of stories written across 3 years. From upbeat pop melodies with driving drums to spacious folk landscapes, Alex plays with a variety of colours across the twelve tracks.

Stories holds a diverse range of introspection - whether reminiscing on family life and childhood in "Home", or contemplating our place in things in "Cracks In The Glass", there's a story and a song for nearly every mood.


released July 15, 2017

Music and Lyrics by Alex Balanko
Instruments, Recording and Production by Alex Balanko

Recorded at Four Destinations Studios
Mastered by Mercury Mastering



all rights reserved


Alex Balanko Vancouver, British Columbia

Alex writes songs from the heart, for the heart. His music aims for the soul and evokes emotion, telling stories of personal experience. This intimate honesty leaves nothing to hide, inviting listeners to connect with the feelings Alex captures in his music. ... more


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Track Name: Finally
All that we had is breaking over
And all these mistakes turn to faults
She turns off the light and she’s gone
As my eyes adjust to the dark

And we fought for everything
But there’s too many stones on the fire
And I could have walked away
But there’s too many hearts on the line
On the line

Everything slows to a crawl
And I’ve never felt so small
We do all we can to hold on
Until we’re searching for something that’s lost
Or never was


And we’re finally lost
We’re finally here
The place we’ve been hiding from all year

And all of this time
Is finally clear
There’s no running from this my dear

And we fought for everything
But there’s too many stones on the fire
And I should have walked away
Track Name: Roads
To be home again
To hold you close in my arms again
To hear you whisper my name again
And feel your kisses sweet

To be home again
To never feel alone again
To always be with my best friend
And sweep you off your feet

But I don't know when
This road I'm taking will ever end
It keeps bringing me closer and then
Takes me away

But if you'll pretend
Close your eyes and just count to ten
Imagine I'm in your world again
But it's not the same

You can't fake love with a phone call
And you say baby please come home
We're running out of road

I need someone to hold on to
And never let you go
I can't do this alone
Baby please come home

To be loved again
To feel your head on my chest again
To leave and know I'll be back again
And never stray too far

To be there again
Back before we became more than friends
To fall in love all over again
Before life got hard

But I'm losing track
I know I said I'd be coming back
But it might take a little bit longer and that
Brings me to my knees

And I wish that I
Could tell you how sorry I am tonight
But I've already said it a thousand times
And I know you'll say

Chorus x 2
Track Name: Home
Momma said she was a teacher
Daddy didn’t go to school
I didn’t understand it either
But they always kept their cool

No we never had a problem
But we never had it good
I guess I can’t really blame them
They did everything they could

See I never heard them argue
But I knew they’d always fight
Different day same problems
Nothing ever played out right

And they always tried to hide it
Oh but everything was clear
Nothing I could do to fight it
Just had to get away from here

And I said I don’t care if you don’t like it
I ain’t coming home tonight
I don’t care if you aren’t happy
I’m just looking out for mine

Nothing left you can say to save this
Now that I’m gone
You can tell me that it’s your house
But it ain’t my home

I never really liked the playground
I guess I wasn’t ever cool
See nobody ever played fair
But everybody knew the rules

And we never talked about it
So nobody ever knew
I just wanted them to notice
But they didn’t have a clue


Oh it ain’t my home
Woah, no, ooohs
Track Name: Tell Me
Walking down an empty street
You can tell that she’s got everything she needs
But what she wants, she will not hide
Is something to make her feel better every time

Her heart feels alone
Price to pay when you’re going solo
She’s always out for more
Won’t settle for anything less than love
All she has to say is

Baby if you really want me won’t you
Tell me that you really love me oh now
Baby if you really want me won’t you
Tell me that you really love me now now

Baby if you really want me now now
Won’t you tell me that you really love me now
Baby if you really want me now now

Break it down, piece by piece
To try to find out exactly what she needs
So you can be the perfect one
To bring her everything under the sun

But she’s seen it all before
No you’re nothing special anymore
You can’t break down the door
Without opening up a little more
Hear her when she says


I just can’t understand why everybody’s hiding
Behind some other face, too scared to let the light in
I’m standing heart in hand, baby I’ve decided
It’s up to you to let me know

Track Name: Heartache
Love it makes a sound, but it can’t always be heard
Whispers in the dark
Heartache comes around, but it doesn’t say a word
Just pulls your love apart

And I gave you all I had, gave you everything I know
You kept coming back for more
When everything went bad, how was I supposed to know?
You kept me in the dark

Where do we go from here?
When everything is anything but clear
Where do we go?

Ooh, how many times can we go through this
Ooh, healing hearts and mending bruises
Ooh, catch my heart before it hits the ground
Ooh, as heartache brings another lover down

Loneliness is found when there’s no one left to hold
Shadows in the dark
Heartache comes around and it leaves you in the cold
But it doesn’t leave a mark

It hurt to let you go, and it’s killing me still
As you slowly slip away
Now I’m here on my own, you left a hole to fill
I’ll never be the same


As heartache brings another lover down

(Heartache, heartache, heartache brings another lover down) x4

Track Name: Compromise
I wonder sometimes what’s on your mind
It’s hard to read the things you say to me
I can’t pretend that it’s all in my head
You tell me I’m wrong, but you’re stringing me along

So baby give me one good reason right now
Tell me this is just a waste of time
I can’t find the answers and I’m losing, losing my mind

Tell me that it’s never gonna happen
Say it like you really mean it too
‘Cuz everything is telling me to run right home to you

You play, you play, you play it so cool
But I see the way you look as I walk out the door

You say, you say, you say you’re sure
But deep down you know that this is something more


I don’t think I’m gonna stay
I don’t think I wanna spend the night
Nothing’s ever gonna change and I’ll never find out why

I don’t think I’m gonna stay
I don’t ever wanna compromise
My heart can’t take it, this’ll never satisfy

Chorus x2
Track Name: Fog & Trees
I’m walking slow, fog moving through the trees
And the sky’s all clear, but there’s nothing left to see
And these words they fade, to the wind they blow away
But soft and low the voices stay

The water’s washing over
My heart’s in the sand
Feels like starting over
I don’t know who I am

And the sunlight goes, swallowed by the trees
And the wind still blows, but there’s nothing moving me
And the night grows cold, but it’s warmer than my soul
And these bones they ache, oh as I grow old


[I’m coming back
I’m coming back, when the morning comes] x 5

I’m coming back
Track Name: Cracks In The Glass
Moments go quickly as the come
Here and then they’re gone

The rain still falls when no one’s there to catch it
When no one’s there to know

And I wanna feel the sun, but I can’t make that call
It’s out of my control

So I’ll wait a little more and let the world keep moving
See where I belong

And I can only hope that everything is working
As it should be, in the moment, to bring you home
And I can only trust that there must be a reason
For the way things go

Hear me call out across the open
Out for something more

Echoes fall, but no one’s there to listen
Did I even speak at all?

And I won’t be the same with everything between us
Everything has changed

So I’ll sit here on my own
And wait for my reflection to tell me where to go


And there are things that don’t make any sense to me
Maybe we’re just cracks in the glass turning back into sand
Or are we meant to find the pieces in between?
Or do we only find the pieces that we need?

Track Name: When You Go
Waking up in the middle of the night
Too late to fall asleep
Thoughts sit in the corner of my mind
Last chance for broken dreams

Feels like a rolling thunder
Knocked me off my feet again
This time I’m going under
Sinking in

But by the morning light, I’ll see just where I’ve gone
No I’m not lost I’m just a little more along

So when you go
Leave alone
Take your heart
But leave mine at the door

Waking up in the morning all alone
My heart aches for something more
I don’t know if I can do it on my own
Your love’s what made me sure

I can feel the mountains moving
Bring me to my knees again
Feels like I can’t break through it
Caving in

But after the shadows clear, I’ll see what brought me down
No I’m not wrong I’m just a little turned around


Half of my heart and half of my soul
Were lost the moment you walked out the door
All of my trust and all that I knew
Left with you

Chorus x2
Track Name: Tonight
I, I don’t wanna go to bed alone, no
You keep me warmer than my telephone
And I, I don’t wanna fall asleep tonight
Without you laying by my side

And I, I don’t wanna dream of anything
Because I’ll dream of you and that won’t help a thing
No I, I don’t wanna try to pretend
That there’s no room left in this big ‘ole empty bed

I don’t wanna toss and turn all night
But there’s just some things that you cannot fight
And I, every time I close my eyes
I see a world with you and realize that I

I don’t understand it all
But you make the world not seem so bad at all
So I am trying not to lose my head
But there’s too much room in this big ‘ole empty bed

When all the lights go out, will you find me in the dark?
When everything comes down, will you hold on to that spark?
And as I drift asleep I need you to answer me
Will you stay with me?
In this big ‘ole empty bed
Track Name: Go Your Way
[Woah, woah] x2

Baby cut the shit
We both know that this is ending
Think it’s time to call it quits
Yeah there’s no sense in pretending

You know, you know I’m not the only one
Who feels like this is done
You know, you know that we both had our fun
But it’s over now

[Woah, woah
Baby just go your way] x2

Honey cut the act
No you’re not really mad about it
You just hate the fact
That you were not the one to call it

And I know I know that this is where it ends
There’s no need to pretend
And I know, I know you said we could be friends
But it’s over now

Chorus x2
Track Name: Crossfire
Head up little darling
This is not your fault
Pain hits so hard
And it lingers on

Your heart's out in the open
And you feel so alone
But you are strong
Yes you are stronger than you know

Ooh, this world feels so cold
Ooh, I never meant to go
Ooh, and leave you on your own

Stay strong little darling
This fight is not your own
You're just caught up in the crossfire
And it's burning strong

I'd be there in a heartbeat
If I had my own
But I'm just a feeling, a feeling
In your bones


(So hold on a little more
When everything seems so hard
Just hold on a little more
And remember what you're fighting for) x2